Godin - Woven Bench

Materials: English olive ash, Danish cord, coloured waxed cord

This bench is made for sitting and sharing a moment with someone.

The design brings together the traditions of English chair making, with the refined geometry of Japanese furniture, to present a light and elegant bench that is delightfully comfortable.

Ash is an superb material for chair making, it is flexible and incredibly shock resistant. The gentle cream and brown tones of olive ash work perfectly with the Danish cord. 

The cording is designed to illustrate the traditional hay stack, with coloured waxed cord interwoven to create punctuation and interest to the eye. The light tones speak to the harvest and colours of the late summer landscape. 

Finished in shellac and lime wax.  

Waxed cord colours can be customised. 4-6 week lead time for production. 

Download woven bench product sheet

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