Time to set a few ground rules

I have taken advantage over the post Christmas quiet to gather my thoughts and compile some interesting ideas for Workingbench, I am truly excited about the interesting things I have lined up and look forward to sharing ideas with you. Before we jump into the good stuff I thought it would be worthwhile setting a few ground rules, for me that is; not you... although I will only ask one thing of you...for now at least.

It is the first time I have put finger to key and decided to create a blog, this site has come from many months of research and tinkering with ideas. I'm sure I will get to terms with wordpress and enrich the site with images and better design so please bear with me as I learn and develop.

So here we are a few ground rules I intend to follow, I hope they will provide a foundation for a unique voice with quality and originality. 

1. Content: I will author my own content and not plagiarise the mountains of stuff available throughout the internet to bulk up my blog. I may refer to a site or publication and will always reference.

2. Quotes: I will reference quotes and extracts.

3. Images: I intend to build a library of my own images, where this is not possible i.e. for a specific piece of work or maker I am interested in - I will reference the source. I will also try to seek approval to use an image prior to posting, although this may not always be that practical. 

3a. One for you all.  Please ask to use any content or images, I am not precious about my image library but believe in common courtesy, if you ask nicely I may even send you the full size jpegs 

4. Your comment: I welcome your thoughts and ideas, please be constructive, insightful and critical - lets have a debate and share ideas. 

That's all i can think of for now, I will put a summary of these rules into my 'about me' section and may add/refine in the future.


Let the fun begin.