Console Table - The raw material

Last week the oak for the console table was finally delivered, I was sent out into the cold of a East Sussex winter to warm up with a hand saw (ignore the sunshine in the picture - that was a 30 second fluke). This rather dashing snap was taken post sawing hence the rosy cheeks and relaxed pose. The oak was twice this height and two inches thick, it took three people to lift it and one poor soul to saw it. 



Notice that rather fantastic denim apron, it was a handmade Christmas present, like all great things,  I wonder how I survived without it before.

Well the wood is cut and marked up and now resting in the workshop to try and get it to settle down, I have already had my fair share of warping and cupping of wood as you're working to relay on patience as a cure. Idle hands are not permissible so I have spent the most part of last week working on a side project which will be a birthday gift and putting the finishing touches to another little box, I'll share some images of this once its complete and no longer a surprise. 

Next week I will start to cut up the oak and work it into the individual components, it's really interesting to see the transformation from a raw piece of timer to a refined component and assembled into a piece of furniture. 



Yes they will be legs!