Project Reading Chair: It's all in the sitting

Image Here are a few images of the reading chair in its new home. After a few hours of re-arranging furniture to make way for this most generous chair we have settled on a space; close to a window for natural light and next to a fabulous vintage pub table to pop down a cup of tea and the current read.

After a week the chairs settled well, a few creaks - from the cord I hope! It is super comfortable and excellent to while away a few hours with a book or laptop. In fact I write this entry from the comfort of the chair, delightful.


The Walnut oil finish was an experiment and I am delighted with the finish, it has worked so well.  The chair has a soft sheen and given a warmth to the grain, over time the wood will depend and take on a rich orange colour.


- Shaping back into the arm was tricky, no room to hide here.


- Check out that cord. My hands a still aching from this challenging weave, it took three days to complete, apparently trained hands can race through this in half a day!

Image- The curve around the arms and seat give an elegant relaxed feel to the design.

If you could see a similar reading chair sitting in your home, I would be most delighted to make another one so please get in touch.

I complete my training in July and have decided to stay on at the school renting bench space whilst I make the transition to a professional maker. I am thrilled to have a few requests for furniture from friends and colleagues of old, this should keep me busy for the next couple of months and hopefully make the step into a commercial world easier.

Talking of next projects here's some terrific news, I have agreed my first commission for a piece of furniture, a rather substantial linen press. Here is a snap of the wood samples sent out to the client, a selection of English hard woods and some Cedar of Lebanon for the drawer linings.