Core product range in the making

There is a joy in creation, taking that initial spark of an idea and nurturing into a final form is difficult and perilous process but wonderful when you get it right. 

The creative process of research, material selection and sketches reaches its final stage in the form of a rather sober technical drawing, this is the format we use as cabinet makers to turn the concept into reality.
The technical drawing moves an x-ray lens over the design; dissecting the aesthetic to get into the true workings of the piece.

Design decisions create a range of challenges on how a piece of furniture is built, whether a drawer can actually work in that way and indeed is it actually possible to build this thing? My classical training has instilled a cautious attitude to construction favouring a 'belt and braces' approach to ensure the serves it function and lasts many years; I guess this comes from being trained by a restorer and seeing the effect shortcuts and poor decisions can make. 

Over the past couple of weeks I have started the creative process for the first piece of furniture that will act as a jumping off point for the development of a larger range of products. The first in this series will be a console / lamp table which is to be made in a limited edition of 10 pieces.

I will share this creative and making process with you from the raw board through to the polished piece.
The drawings are already showing promise of being a beautiful table, I am exploring a mix of materials to work alongside the fine native wood to create a luxurious table. 

Keep posted! Next time I will explore the design process including sketches and material research.