Limited edition wall mirror available

Petrel furniture launches the first limited edition piece available to order. 

Mirror in ripple sycamore and copper leaf  

Mirror in ripple sycamore and copper leaf  

After hours of sketching, prototyping, shaping and refining we have a beautiful wall mirror  with a final proof completed in English ripple sycamore and water gilded in copper leaf (as seen above). 

Inspired by the phases of the moon, the interior copper gilding creates a reflected luminous crescent of waxing and waning, a full halo is seen when facing the mirror head on. Understated and luxurious it will look simply stunning in a hallway or above the mantle piece. 

The mirror is available in a limited edition of five pieces with two finishes available - sycamore and copper (as seen) and two rather special scorched English ash and gold, the artist proof has been sold. 

Please get in touch to discuss lead times and sizing.