Geometry & the Oder of Nature



Looking out at a dreary wet Sunday afternoon I am so very pleased to be sitting on the sofa with my feet up listening to BBC Radio 6 music, Huey's rhythm and blues selection is a great soundtrack to this Lazy afternoon. We had originally planned to venture out to browse the floors of Liberty to do some research in the homeware and furniture floors and indulge in a cup of tea and a slice of something nice. We have made a rule to never go near Oxford Street in the rain (very sensible), so here we are enjoying the warmth of our Melin Tregwynt blanket and time to catch up on workingbench and some business planning. 

Well what's been happening? This week I am terribly excited to have signed up to a course in Geometry at the Princes School of Traditional Arts. The school originates from the Royal College of Art which had established a traditional arts curriculum in 1984, in 2004 Prince Charles founded the Princes School of Traditional Arts (PSTA) as a charity with a goal of teaching and preserving art forms and techniques fundamental to the great cultural and religious traditions of the world. I have followed the school for a while and although initially daunted by some of the courses finally decided to jump right in and have signed up for a short course on Geometry and the Order of Nature. The course provides an introduction to geometry and numbers in nature and the universal art of pattern. I must say I am a little nervous about the first lesson as it has been years since I have been in an academic environment let alone close to a compass or protractor!  I hope to use the teaching of this course as a foundation to understanding the basic symmetry types and how they can be used in my furniture and  homeware designs. I am already bubbling away with ideas on how veneer and inlays can be used to create geometric patterns and build a narrative for a series of work. This feels like the first major step to a new creative career since making the decision to change direction. 

The school has a wide range of unique courses which includes Chinese brush painting, The art of mosaic, Islamic Art and Ottoman design and ceramics...crumbs! Well worth taking a look at the short evening and weekend courses. 


Quick snap of the membership brochure - stunning pattern work and geometry. 

Cauliflower cheese on mixed roast vegetables and greens for dinner, let the coziness roll.