Styling the woven bench: our cosy wishlist

Now that the weather has started to cool down, here at Petrel HQ our thoughts have turned to Autumn and we’re thinking about one of our favourite things, how to be cosy.

Petrel furniture woven bench

Over the summer, we launched our new woven bench; a beautiful and comfortable seat made from English olive ash, with a woven Danish cord seat. The bench is a piece that could work in many places: a hallway or conservatory, at a kitchen table or in a bedroom.

petrel furniture woven bench, waxed cord detail

The woven seat features two lines of coloured waxed cord laced through it, which were chosen by my wife and I. We wanted the combination of the colours in the bench to evoke the British countryside, with the soft golden tones representing the changing colours of the late summer landscape.

With the shifting of the seasons we’re coveting cosiness, so here is our wish list for styling the bench for ultimate snugness, featuring great British craft makers we love:


1.     A blanket for keeping our knees (and hard working furniture makers hands) warm from Ardalanish.

2.     We think the colours in this lovely cushion from St Jude's fabrics work perfectly with the yellow and green cord in the bench.

3.     When doesn’t a cup of tea help? We’d love to sit down with a brew in one of Leach potteries cups. 


What do you think of our suggestions? How would you style our woven bench?

Craft Pottery: Richard Batterham


I am so excited to post something about Richard's work. I first came across Richard whilst reading about Bernard Leach and the famous St Ives pottery where Richard studied following formal education at Bryanston School, he still continues the Leach tradition in producing rugged domestic stoneware. I recall a quote where Richard states that the main principle of his work is to "enrich rather than adorn life". I am a strong believer in functional craft and that expertly crafted items can enrich our lives if used with respect and care.

We are the proud owners of two Richard Batterham plates in a elegant sea green colour which we picked up from David Mellor's Sloane Square shop, although they cost an eye watering £50 each we use them most days and take great pleasure in their form, feel and design. The plates are rugged and by no means elegantly finished, the glaze runs into pattern and is cracked in places. The plates have confidence, an assurance which comes from a masters touch, they do not need to be refined. I hope one day to hand them down to a next generation or loved one so they can enjoy them as much as I do, to me this is the essence of mastercraft. 


David Mellor design has a great selection of his work and currently has 10% off!