A new direction...



The time has come... The mind is set... The planning is underway... Ideas are forming... It's time for action.

Like so many of us I have often dreamt of that job, the one that allows you to be free, excel at a discipline, learn a skill and become exceptional...the kind that bleeds effortlessly into your whole world and shapes your character and way of life...the one that feels so right that you wonder how you missed it for so long. 

I have decided to establish a craft business, a partnership which designs, produces and markets fine British crafts. A small business that has design, function and master craft at its heart. Later this year I will start a one year cabinet making course that will focus on the design and the skills and discipline required to make exceptional furniture. I will close the door on my current career and embark on a new journey, I direction that I believe will equip me with the necessary technical and aesthetic qualities to build a business. Along the way I hope to meet makers across disciplines and form a partnership, a business we own and share in its success.  I will track this journey in workingbench, the warts and all, the business planning, the resignation, the ideas and the impact, I welcome your thoughts, direction and comments. 

I long to be exceptional...produce something real...be humble in my learning...generous in my teaching...and please customers with original exceptional craft. 

I hope you will join me, its going to be a blast.