Bed & Side tables in the finest Elm

Materials: elm, ash, cedar of Lebanon, tweed & copper leaf

A Scottish celebration of Elm and fine tweed coming together to make a comfortable king size bed and matching side tables.

The legs on both the bed and the tables are hand shaped and share the same elegant curve, creating balance across the pieces. 

Copper gilding is used as a highlight on the table top edging, which beautifully reflects light and shows off the elm pattern. This interesting and  luxurious touch will come to life when illuminated by a lamp.

The tweed comes from Ardalanish,  a small weavers from the Isle of Mull, upholstered into a frame of character elm. 

Technical notes: The legs for the bed and tables were cut from the same substantial board to ensure a consistency in colour and grain. The board contained many beautiful pippy knots and curls, which were carefully selected for the bed legs. 

The bed slats are made from English Ash set in two frames, to ensure they remain in place, whilst allowing for easy movement and fitting. 

Drawers are traditionally made with lapped dovetails and lined in fragrant cedar of Lebanon. Pulls are turned by hand. 

Artwork: Ceramic bowl - Rachel Wood & Painting - Sandra Whitmore 
Photographed at Jointure Studios, Ditchling

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