Tambour bookcase

Materials: Scottish elm curl; English - quarter sawn oak, bleached sycamore, cherry & bog oak. Scottish linen

A rather special cabinet commissioned specifically to hold a rare collection of poetry books.

Figurative swirls of elm curl are centrally book-matched creating harmony and symmetry inviting you to open the cabinet and explore. The tambour door sweeps effortlessly to reveal the geometric ivory white interior of bleached English sycamore. Fine bog oak and cherry line detailing frames the cabinet whilst speaking to the precise gaps created between each tambour slat as the doors open.

During the design phase we were keen to explore how the piece reflects its purpose and setting. The ellipse, perhaps an unusual shape for a bookcase, was selected for its welcoming and soft form, the placement of the cabinet was designed to sit in a bay window in a room with an extraordinary collection of ceramics and art. The exterior was designed to reflect the freedom and flow of language with the interior geometry the rule, tempo and structure of grammar.

Petrel bespoke bookcase
Petrel bookcase sycamore interior
Morris bookcase 623.jpg
Morris bookcase 622.jpg


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